The 2023 Emerging Leader Development Scholarship:
The Salvation Army NCI Division believes in investing in its young people and preparing them to be leaders in their corps, communities, and families.  Therefore, we are pleased to offer a scholarship to be awarded to worthy students for the purpose of training them for their future and service of The Salvation Army.
Application Details:
View eligibility guidelines here:
Eligibility Form.docx
Note: This file must be downloaded to your computer, filled as a Word document, and uploaded as a file into Submittable.

  1. Applications are completed on Submittable by July 1, 2023.  Late and incomplete submissions, including missing references will not be accepted.    
    1. If a applicant would like feedback on essays, they must submit applications by May 12, 2023.


  2. The NCI Scholarship Committee reviews all applications in early June and recommends the awards.
  3. The Divisional Finance Board approves all scholarship applications and authorizes funding.
  4. Scholarship funds are paid to each recipient.

A grading rubric will be used to assess submissions.
An essay writing workshop will be provided if applicants would like extra help.
Essay Questions (250-500 words per question):

  1. How are you planning to use your educational experience in the service and support of The Salvation Army? (For those who have applied for 2 or more years, how have you used your education experience in the service and support of The Salvation Army thus far?)  How do you imagine yourself participating in The Salvation Army in the future and as you get established in adulthood? This may be as a soldier, volunteer, advisory board member, employee, officer, donor, etc. Please be detailed and specific.
  2. How are you currently engaging in your faith development and serving your community?    
  • What is your engagement with worship services and intentional discipleship?
  • How are you engaging in justice and faith issues?
  • How are you growing as an individual in your faith?
  • How do you stay connected with The Salvation Army?


  1. Who in your life do you consider to be a good leader?  Describe their leadership and what characteristics you value most in their leadership.  What have you learned from their leadership that you are applying to your life?

Please include one general reference from an individual who can speak to your faith development and engagement with Salvation Army mission.  This could be a mentor, faith leader, or teacher.  This individual may not be a peer or family member.  A reference must be able to answer how they have seen the applicant engage their faith on a personal level, in the faith community, and speak to their leadership and engagement within The Salvation Army.
A corps officer, whether at home or at school, will be contacted to confirm participation in The Salvation Army and in cases of membership/soldiership, provide proof of soldiership roll residing within the NCI Division.
Proof of Enrollment:
Please attach your proof of enrollment in a licensed/accredited higher educational program, such as an acceptance letter, or course schedule.  Such programs might include but are not limited to universities, community colleges, or trade schools.
Post Awarding:
By applying for this scholarship, you agree that you could potentially participate in an interview with the NCI Scholarship Committee by the end of the academic year. The Youth Department will reach out for scheduling.  Failure to participate in the interview will disqualify you from receiving future scholarship funds from The NCI Division. In an effort to expand the scholarship and the applicant pool, you may be asked to willingly participate in sharing your story and experiences with how the scholarship has affected your life.

The Salvation Army - NCI Division